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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Croeso cynnes i Machynlleth Mobile Reflexology & Massage

I completed my Level 3 training in Complementary Therapy at Cheltenham School Of Complementary Therapy. I am registered with the FHT & Infection Control Qualified.

Prior to training as a Complementary Therapist I worked as a primary school teacher for many years.

Since moving back to Wales I have completed The DPJ Foundation Mental Health Foundation Awareness Training and run the private Facebook Group Practice the Pause which has a members wellbeing session benefit . I am also relearning my Welsh~ your patience is welcome as a practice and regain my confidence.

Under services on the home page of my website you will find more details relating to the treatments I offer from the comfort of your own home.

A little of my story and how my business came into fruition:

Why Reflexology?

Why not I thought something has to help…

Travelling through depression and episodes of anxiety, having spent years disconnecting from anything that resembled self-care, I sat on the treatment couch feeling anxious about stopping; surely something else needed doing?

At the start of my first Reflexology session I made a mental list of all the jobs I should be doing to keep the world I had created turning; I was exhausted by never ending external responsibilities.

No longer able to focus to read books and wanting that additional connection with others I started listening to podcasts. I found an old episode in which Maya Angelou (author of I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings), was being interviewed.

Her words resonated with me and from that moment I decided I needed to look after myself…

“Nothing will work unless you do”

(Maya Angelou)

By the time the Reflexologist started to work on my second foot I felt my body physically drop into the couch as my muscles released the tension I had held onto for so long. I drifted into a place somewhere, full of contentment, between being asleep and awake.

I left the treatment room with renewed energy and although in reality it was going to take more than one treatment to rewire my thoughts and my bodies physical reactions to the way I approached looking after myself… I had started.

I booked in six weekly sessions which gave me a focus as the days went by. At the end of the six weeks I found I was able to pause long enough to start reading a little. I was feeding my body with more nourishing food and finding time to listen to short guided meditations. The physical symptoms of stress related conditions started to ease.

I eventually received support for my depression and anxiety with a talking therapist through my GP which was also beneficial; complementary therapy is not about replacing the care of medical professionals but working alongside treatment when it is safe to do so.

I decided to refocus my energy into a career change from teaching into completing my Level Three in Complementary Therapy. I felt the need to learn more about how to support my own and others wellbeing. 170 case studies later I qualified and started to focus on setting up my own business which has blossomed. I am privileged to visit so many of my clients in their own homes and to work alongside local charities and organisations.

Over time I started letting go of the busyness in my mind and some of the additional work I did to mask thinking about it. I am now able to connect with what I need in the moment more than I worry about the future or indeed the past. My ability to sit and focus on things like reading novels returned and although the process was far from linear, step by step I made it out the other side.

“It is impossible for you to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have”

(Cheryl Strayed author of Wild)

Self-care has become a habit and Reflexology the focal point, the reminder and the time out I need to function in a way that values my own sense of being in the world.

There are many research articles to be found online about the benefits of touch therapies. Different treatments work for different people at different times in their lives.

For more information on the treatments I provide please visit

Contact me via the message box, comment below and or give me a call to chat about your individual requirements.

No one treatment is valued above another and combining treatments in your chosen time is an option.

I look forward to discussing your treatment requirements, which are specifically tailored to the needs of each client, to make sure you receive the approach that works best for you.

​Amber 🌱

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